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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Book Review

I love to read and find it to be necessary to my feeling of mental well-being-almost like eating is to my physical well-being. Brain food I guess.

This week I'm rereading a book that I've read before-several times. It always inspires me. The book is "Reposition Yourself-Living Life Without Limits" by T. D. Jakes.

The book is divided into three parts with five chapters in each part- Part 1-The Sky's the Limit
Part 2-Beyond the Limits of Mediocrity Part3-Beyond the Limits of Success.

I appreciate the way that T. D. Jakes offers encouragement to for for the dreams you hold dear. But he also provides a common sense approach to dealing with obstacles and an understanding that each of us has to start with what we have at this moment. He also acknowledges that there are challenges that come with success and provides encouragement and strategies for dealing with these challenges and moving on to even greater success.

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