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Friday, January 29, 2010

Small Brain Bleed

We could really use everyone's prayers right now.

Earlier today my 13 year old fell while climbing a tree at his grandparents house. After the initial pain he seemed to be okay, ate dinner,and played with other kids. Several hours later after watching a movie he seemed to be dozing off which was unusual. Then when he went to get ready to come home he started complaining more of pain in his back and side. He also said his face felt funny. We couldn't see any bruises, or deformities but he kept complaining of the pain. Then he calmed down and seemed to be falling asleep again when we weren't talking to him. We decided to call the rescue squad and have him taken to the hospital and checked out.

At the hospital they did X-rays and a CAT scan. The X-rays of his ribs came back fine but the CAT scan showed a very small bleed in his brain. The Dr. said it will probably heal on it's own but just in case they want him nearer specialized equipment. So he was transferred to a larger hospital about 40 miles from us.

I really don't have any details about where in his brain the bleed is because Doug (and Amanda) went with him to the hospital while I stayed to keep things together here.

I will update when I know more.


  1. oh, how scary for you all! I will say a prayer for him! I Hope it heals on its own and quickly!

  2. VERY BIG prayers going up for Austin - wisdom for the doctors and comfort for you all! That's so scary! Please update when you get the chance.