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Friday, January 29, 2010


I feel much better now that I am here at the hospital with Austin. Doug does a great job with him but I was feeling the need to see for myself exactly what was going on. I needed to look into his eyes and hear his voice. So here I am.

The second CAT scan showed that the bleeding had stopped. Since then they've done a third CAT scan but I haven't heard the results from that yet. They also did an EEG but I haven't been told the results of that yet either.

They have started giving him Dilantin to help prevent any seizure activity. Based on what the other kids who saw him fall and his own recall (or lack of recall) of what happened the doctors are seriously wondering if he a seizure. He does have a history of absense seizures although we haven't been seeing those recently. In fact we took him off his medication for those several years ago.

He is eating and drinking well - enjoying pizza and spaghetti and sprite and milk. And now he's eating pudding.

When the Occupational Therapist came in too see him he did get confused trying to answer some of her questions and then he got upset. She also had him get up and walk a little which made him dizzy and made his head hurt. And that upset him even more.

 He is complaining as well of his left side hurting quite a bit when he moves around very much. There is nothing visible on the outside and the x-rays didn't show any damage to his ribs. Austin says it doesn't hurt when we touch it, it's deep inside. The nurses are aware of this and are monitoring it. He was just given some Tylenol and they are going to check on him again soon to see if that helps.

In the meantime, Doug and Amanda are holding down the fort at home. With three little boys - ages 3, 2, and 1- to take care of I'm sure they're having lots of fun.


  1. I'm praying, Rose. I'm so sorry you are going through this scare! I'm glad we don't have any climbing trees in our yard! I would be a nervous wreck.

  2. Scary!! I can't imagine what your family is going through right now! I'm glad he is eating and talking... that's good.