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Friday, February 5, 2010

Catching Up

Austin has been doing well since we got home. He has had some head pain which is to be expected, some dizziness, sometimes says a he has a strange feeling in his head. But he's alert, smiling, talking, laughing, moving around. Yesterday he went with Doug to Wal-mart and that really wore him out. I'm wondering if I allowed that too soon but he was getting a little restless and I thought it might do him good to get out. He came home and went straight to bed (around 5:30) yesterday evening. He's still there. I woke him at 10:00 to give him his medicine, and he woke up just enough to swallow it and went right back to sleep. It's 7AM now and he's still asleep. He does have an appointment with his pediatrician on Tuesday.

Amanda said she thought maybe she should fall out of a tree so she could sleep in every morning like Austin. I think she changed he mind though after Austin gave her a description of all the needles and tests she would have to endure if she tried that. Actually she said "Well, maybe just a little tree."

In other news, it's snowing. It started around 5:30 this morning and we're supposed to get 24 -28 inches by the time it quits sometime tomorrow. But we have plenty of food, hot chocolate and coffee, good books and internet, so we're all set. Let it snow!


  1. I'm concerned about Austin. I sure hope his appointment goes well. Bless him and I will be praying!!

    PS your little three-year-old is a hoot! No mention of Austin waking up during his antics. :)

  2. I am too. I don't want to be the kind of mother who makes him think there is something wrong when there isn't but this whole incident isn't making sense to me.

    He did get up about 8:30 yesterday morning and did fairly well, although he complains of "waves of strange feeling" and "power surges of headache".