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Friday, February 5, 2010

Help! I Have a Three Year Old!


This little hellion angel boy has nearly driven me to distraction today. And just so everyone reading this can share the joy with me I'm giving you a peak into his day. 

 So far today he has - 

spilled his cereal in his lap, 
thrown his dry cereal on the floor,
spilled his juice, 
spilled my coffee, 
thanked me sweetly for giving him the paper towels to clean up said coffee,
deliberately dumped his juice in his lap,
had to go to his room for time out,
took down the baby gate in his doorway and walked out of his room,
thrown his fork on the floor three times,
thrown his spoon on the floor once (I guess I should be glad it wasn't three times)
spilled his food at lunch while trying to reach the computer cord that I had told him to leave alone,
taken my phone and hit redial and called someone back that I was trying to ignore, 
put on my lipstick, 
taken away another child's toys, 
gotten himself stuck between the back and the seat of a kitchen chair (don't ask),
dumped someone else's art project, 
and sneaked upstairs and was found playing in the water in the master bathroom.

I'm sure I've forgotten a few things but you get the idea. And it's only noon, still another hour until naptime. Unless I call an early naptime which at this point is very likely.

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