Life is made up of many pieces, like a puzzle. Here I attempt to put them all together.

About Us

Welcome to Rose's House!

I'm so glad you stopped by and I hope you enjoy your time here. At Rose's House you will find lot's of people of all ages and abilities. We love each other, care for each other, laugh together, cry together, sometimes argue, always try to make up again.

And now, meet the cast.

 Me - In this picture I am holding two of our daycare children.

My husband - Doug - with two of our children. Doug works as a machinest during the day at Mckee Foods, Inc. He is also an EMT with our local Rescue Squad.

Our son  Austin. Austin is 13. He loves the outdoors, history, and computer games and doing things with our church youth group

Our daughter Amanda. Amanda is 11 years old. Here she is playing with two of our daycare children. Amanda loves animals, reading, cooking and playing games on her computer. She also enjoys

Our son Michael is 3. He is very active, loves to play outside, go bye-bye, read and sing songs.

Here is our house from the front, facing north. It's a very old house, built around 1900. We rent it and there is a lot of work that should be done to it, but I love this house.

West side.

 South side.

East side.

On any given day this house and yard is filled with children of all ages doing all the fun, silly, and cool things that kids do. Come join us for the fun.

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