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Friday, March 27, 2009

Alphabet Soup - or - Unique Individuals?

NLD, ADHD, possible AS-Austin age 12

BPD-Gary age 11

BPD-Trevor age 11

ADHD-Adam age 11

ASD-Gordon age 10

ADHD-Kenneth age 9

ADHD-Jacob age 6

ADHD-Grant age 4

ADHD-Kyle age 3

Possible MDS-Michael age 2

This is the alphabet soup we live with/in every day at Rose's House. Some days it's a crazy, wacky place. Some days it's peaceful and quiet. Most day are a combination.

A lot of these kids have come to us from other "caring" or "learning" environments that they have been sent away from. Some have been sent away from multiple places. My heart hurts for them-how can this be effecting them to consistently have doors slammed in their faces? And why? Because they aren't "normal", "typical", or "like everyone else"?

What is normal?

What is typical?

Why must everyone be like everyone else? Wouldn't that make a boring world?

I know all these questions have been asked and discussed before but they are on my mind again the last few days. I began to realize that I was falling into the habit of defining the individual by his/her contribution to the alphapbet soup instead of letting each child's unique characteristics -gifts, trouble spots and all be the defining factors.

So-I'm trying again-

Helpful, Impulsive, Inquisitive, Affectionate-Austin age 12

Helpful, Friendly, Anxious, Active-Gary 11

Silly, Helpful, Sensitive, Energetic-Trevor 11

Smart, Sensitive, Deep Thinker, Helpful-Adam 11

Lovable, Intelligent, Creative, Unpredictable-Gordon 10

Caring, Creative, Active, Cautious-Kenneth 8

Humorous, Sweet, Fidgety, Sensitive-Jacob 6

Energetic, Lovable, Intelligent, Curious-Grant 4

Athletic, Smart, Funny, Very Energetic-Kyle 3

Determined, Survivor, Creative, Cuddly-Michael 2

Or maybe I'm not thinking normally, typically, or like everyone else. I make my own contribution to our alphabet soup-OCD.


  1. Sometimes I feel like we have too many titles here at my house, too. All my oldest daughter is affected by is ADD & OCD, but my youngest has a myriad of genetic abnormalities so it just goes on and on... But, they're both so wonderful in their own wacky ways :) I'm so blessed. And so are you!
    ~Sara from Twitter

  2. It blows my mind to see kids that young getting these diagnoses.

    These kids sound like they are wonderful and a joy to get to know.

    I don't think there really is a thing such as "normal." I think we are all different and unique in our own ways, and we should embrace those differences in each other and ourselves.