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Monday, March 2, 2009


Today has been a nice quiet day so far. Six-seven inches of snow overnight has slowed business dramatically today.
I only have four kids here for daycare today and three of the four are school-age. They have been busy with my two oldest kids all day. The fourth child is seven months old and has slept quite a bit. I guess she had a busy weekend.
I haven't been back on the blog in the past week because I've reviewing the research on nonverbal learning disorder. My 12 yr. old son has nld and lately I've felt like we are at a standstill developmentally and that I needed a refresher course and some new ideas. Also my assistant here at the daycare has been asking some questions and I needed to find some information for her to help her understand the issues we are dealing with daily.
The hardest thing to deal with lately has been his temper which I really believe is caused by his frustration. He realizes that learning and simply dealing with life in general is much harder for him than for his younger sister (age 10).
After doing a lot of reading I feel better equipped to deal with everything. I also found some really neat ideas for projects that we can do together that I hope will be fulfilling and challenging for him without overwhelming him.
And now I am off to do some more research.

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