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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Say Everything by Scott Roseberg

I recently found this book at the library and brought it home to look at. I really didn't think I would read the whole book but discovered I enjoyed the author's style of writing. Scott Rosenberg has made what could be a technical, boring (at least for me) and hard to read book very readable, understandable and interesting. Basically it's a history of blogging. As I read this book I felt like I was getting an inside look into the lives and minds of some of the people who have made blogging what it is today. There is also some interesting discussion of where blogging may be going in the future.

Here are some details on the book.

Say Everything by Scott Rosenberg
Copyright 2009


Introduction: What's New

Part One - Pioneers
Chapter 1 - Putting Everything Out There
Chapter 2 - The Undedited Voice of a Person
Chapter 3 - They Shall Know You Through Your Links

Part Two - Scaling Up
Chapter 4 - The Blogger Catapult
Chapter 5 - The Rise of Political Blogging
Chapter 6 - Blogging for Bucks
Chapter 7 - The Exploding Blogosphere
Chapter 8 - The Perils of Keeping It Real

Part Three - What Have Blogs Wrought?
Chapter 9 - Journalists VS. Bloggers
Chapter 10 - When Everyone Has a Blog
Chapter 11 - Fragments for the Future

Epilogue - Twilight of the Cynics

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