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Friday, November 26, 2010

We started the day off with a good breakfast - eggs in a nest, bacon, hash browns, juice, coffee.

Then Doug had Austin back the van up to the trailor and hitch it up. More and more Doug is having Austin take an active role in his day to day work. This is providing him with some awesome real life experience in practical living skills. I've seen a big boost in Austin's self-confidence since they have begun doing this.

Then we went over to our old house and loaded up the last load of random stuff that was left there and brought it back to the new (to us) house. It's so great to know that all the packing and moving is done. There's still quite a bit of unpacking to do but at least everything is over here.

Of the three kids Amanda has had the hardest time with this move. She always has a hard time with change and this time was no different. Even though she loves our new home, she has a hard time letting go of the old one. She took my phone and was going through the house taking pictures of each room. I was looking through them this evening and found this one she took of herself.

What a sad face.

She cheered up quite a bit though when we told her we were going to McDonalds as a treat since they did such a wonderful job and worked so hard today.

Now her friend CeCe is here for the night and they are watching the Disney channel. Doug is watching Avatar on him computer and I am blogging.

~ Rose ~

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  1. Congrats on the new house. It takes time to adjust, I know my youngest had the same problem when we moved into our home, but it will pass. New memories and joys will intercede and overtake the anxiety/loss/confusion she feels. Promise.