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Friday, July 16, 2010

Daily Adventure at Rose's House Friday July 16,2010

Gluing the story cards and coloring the picture from our Bible lesson this morning.

Here Tristan is showing some of the other boys some card tricks. In the background is my wonderful helper.

We were treated to quite a concert today when the kids made microphones out of Legos and sang into them at the tops of their lungs.

Gianni, CJ and I played several rounds of Go Fish this afternoon.

Amanda finally saved enough money to buy the new cage she wanted for her pet rats so Doug took her to PetSmart this afternoon to get it. Then, after dinner, she and Doug put it together.

The rats love it. It's about four times bigger than the one they were in.

This was not in the plan, but somehow the trip to PetSmart also resulted in a new pet to add to our menagerie.

Meet Little Red, the guinea pig.

The cat was very interested in this new addition.

And so were the kids.

She's supposed to be Doug's pet but we'll see how that works out with Amanda in the house.

It's been a busy interesting day. More adventures on the way tomorrow.

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