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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Daily Adventures at Rose's House Monday July5, 2010

Peanut butter on toast, bananas,and milk for breakfast.

Because a lot of people still have off today for the holiday weekend we didn't have as many daycare children as we normally would have.

Michael and Hunter helped me sort through some toys in the playroom because some of our toy bins are too full. The toys we removed from the playroom we added to our front porch play area.

Then we played awhile on the front porch. The kids enjoyed some block time, making some pretty cool building with the blocks.

Michael and Hunter helped me water my flowers. They have been rather neglected and we're trying to save them.

And we planted some grass to use in insect terrariums after it grows.

I made fingerpaint this morning and the kids had a wonderful time painting pictures.

Coloring the letter Dd.

Gabe, CJ and I played several rounds of UNO.

And then I brought out several boxes of craft supplies and let them get creative.

Remember this post? Well, Kaleb has been eating, keeping it down and definitely growing. He's also happier and more alert. It's so good to see him feeling good.

It has been a good day full of fun. More adventures tomorrow.

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