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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

An (unauthorized) Visit to the Farm

The calender says it's spring but we're still stuck inside most of the time. Rain and wind and cold make it feel more like it's still winter. But none of that stopped Garth-age 4- from making an unauthorized visit to the farm next door.

He was upset with me because he had to be in time out for a few minutes. So when his time out was over he somehow slipped past both Marie (my helper) and me and went to visit the cows. It was extremely muddy and he slipped and fell, completely coating himself from head to toe in mud (and worse). He said he couldn't walk because of how wet and muddy his pants were so he took them off. He wasn't wearing shoes because we were getting ready for nap time so at least we didn't lose those.

Thankfully Marie looked out the window and saw him and brought him back in. In spite of the fact that he was cold, covered with mud and stank to high heaven he was not one bit sorry. We tried to tell him that a cow could have kicked him but he insists they are all friendly.

Two baths later we could finally be near him without holding our noses. We threw away the clothes he was wearing. And we put new child proof latches on the doors.

I've noticed before that when his ADHD meds begin to wear off he has a tendency to run whenever he gets upset. But usually it's just to another part of the house-not next door!

I'm curious whether anyone else has had this experience with children with ADHD? Does it go along with the ADHD or is this just one of Garth's unique little quirks?

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