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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Back to "Normal"

The last few days have been pretty routine and typical. The kids are back in school after spring break and we are falling back into old routines. I gave my own kids a break from the normal schedule while public school kids were out of school.

Today we started a new unit study on bugs and insects. Math, Science, English and Art are covered. I printed this unit from which is a site I've used before and really like.

Gary, age 11, is back after a trip to Washington DC over the Easter holidays to see his dad. He has had a little trouble settling back in. He did not have a very good trip and combined with BPD it is making it hard for him to find level ground emotionally. I feel for him but I've also been very proud of the way he is making an honest effort to handle things appropriately.

Other than a very stopped up garbage disposal that Doug is going to get to fix when he gets off work and a finger that I very stupidly cut to the bone on a tin can there is not a whole lot else going on right at the moment. And the finger is starting to hurt from typing.

More updates tomorrow.

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