Life is made up of many pieces, like a puzzle. Here I attempt to put them all together.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Recently I have been working on learning a new skill. It's a skill that I've known for a long time that I need to learn and that I have tried to learn but never really mastered. It should be simple but . . .

"No" That's the skill I need-to be able to say "no."

Like I said, it should be simple but I have such a hard time saying no when asked to do things that I know really are not the best for me or those that I have a responsibility too.

It usually goes like this-Someone asks me

"Are you swamped today?"

I already know what's coming and my mind starts racing. Am I swamped? What exactly is "swamped" anyway? I'm comfortable with what I have to do. I could do a little more if I had too. It would be possible.

"No" I say. "I'm not swamped."

Well than could you do. . . fill in the blank.

Last week someone walked in my house, looked around and said "You don't have as many kids as usual."

"No, a few kids are on vacation with their family this week, so I am getting a little bit of a break."

"Oh" she replied. "Well, since you're not swamped(I'm beginning to hate that word) could you watch my son (9 months old) so I can go clothes shopping and out to eat with my sister."

Inside I'm fuming. Outwardly I smile and I say "Sure."

Then I proceeded to stew the whole time she was gone.

This week it happened again. Same question-"Are you swamped?" "Can you keep my son?"

And I looked at her and said "No. I can't."

And guess what- we both survived. We're still friends. And my family and the kids I am truly responsible for were much happier because I was truly there for them instead of being "swamped."

And if it happens again . . .well, I'm working on it. . . I'm planning to say "no". . . we'll see.

Sunday, April 19, 2009



Just for a little while. Can I just have a little bit of quiet.

No crying.
No arguing.
No Hannah Montana.
No toy throwing.
No playstation games.
No phone ringing.
No Phineas and Pherb.
No dragging of chairs to use to climb over the baby gate.
No doors slamming.
No computer games.
No burping.

Just quiet. Just for a little bit.

But not too long.

Because I really do love all the noise makers.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Back to "Normal"

The last few days have been pretty routine and typical. The kids are back in school after spring break and we are falling back into old routines. I gave my own kids a break from the normal schedule while public school kids were out of school.

Today we started a new unit study on bugs and insects. Math, Science, English and Art are covered. I printed this unit from which is a site I've used before and really like.

Gary, age 11, is back after a trip to Washington DC over the Easter holidays to see his dad. He has had a little trouble settling back in. He did not have a very good trip and combined with BPD it is making it hard for him to find level ground emotionally. I feel for him but I've also been very proud of the way he is making an honest effort to handle things appropriately.

Other than a very stopped up garbage disposal that Doug is going to get to fix when he gets off work and a finger that I very stupidly cut to the bone on a tin can there is not a whole lot else going on right at the moment. And the finger is starting to hurt from typing.

More updates tomorrow.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday

It's been a great Easter.

We decided that since we had no extra kids today we would visit Doug's parents. They live about 75 miles south of us so we don't go down there as often as we'd like. It was an absolutely beautiful day and the kids were so good. I was very proud of them.

Since Doug's mother recently had back surgery we did not stay very long. Just long enough to have a nice little visit without tiring her out to much.

Doug's father has a 4-wheeler and Doug took Austin and Amanda for a ride on that. A big thrill for them!

We were home by 5:30 this evening. It's nice to have a good day away and then be able to get home in time to unwind and get ready for the beginning of another busy week.

While we were on the way back home two of Amanda's friends (sisters) called and asked if they could spend the night tonight. There's no school for them tomorrow and they wanted to show off their Easter goodies.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and is ready for a good week.

He is risen. He is risen indeed.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Overheard at Rose's House

Amanda- age 10 "Mommy! The toilet sounds like either a hungry alligator or a burping kangaroo!" Yikes.

Tahlia-age 8-"My daddy could have been President of the United States but then he wouldn't have had as much time to spend with me."

Grant-age 5- "I have two babies in my tummy. It's a miracle!"

I couldn't have said it better myself.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

ADHD and Caffeine?

I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has paid particular attention to how their child with a dx of ADHD responds to caffeine-more active, less active, neither?

There are some interesting points of view related to caffeine and ADHD. I have allowed my son with a dx of ADHD to drink coffee and soda in moderation and have not noticed an increase in his symptoms but I can't say that I have noticed that much of a decrease either. So I am curious about others experiences.

Here are some interesting web sites relating to caffeine and ADHD that I have enjoyed reading.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

An (unauthorized) Visit to the Farm

The calender says it's spring but we're still stuck inside most of the time. Rain and wind and cold make it feel more like it's still winter. But none of that stopped Garth-age 4- from making an unauthorized visit to the farm next door.

He was upset with me because he had to be in time out for a few minutes. So when his time out was over he somehow slipped past both Marie (my helper) and me and went to visit the cows. It was extremely muddy and he slipped and fell, completely coating himself from head to toe in mud (and worse). He said he couldn't walk because of how wet and muddy his pants were so he took them off. He wasn't wearing shoes because we were getting ready for nap time so at least we didn't lose those.

Thankfully Marie looked out the window and saw him and brought him back in. In spite of the fact that he was cold, covered with mud and stank to high heaven he was not one bit sorry. We tried to tell him that a cow could have kicked him but he insists they are all friendly.

Two baths later we could finally be near him without holding our noses. We threw away the clothes he was wearing. And we put new child proof latches on the doors.

I've noticed before that when his ADHD meds begin to wear off he has a tendency to run whenever he gets upset. But usually it's just to another part of the house-not next door!

I'm curious whether anyone else has had this experience with children with ADHD? Does it go along with the ADHD or is this just one of Garth's unique little quirks?

Friday, April 3, 2009

Ego Busters

Here are a few things I have actually had said to me in the last week or two by kids here at Rose's House:

"See Rose, you CAN cook a good meal" -Adam-age 11. So glad I finally got it right Adam.

"That's older than Rose!"-Kenneth-age 9, during a discussion about the 100+ yr. old house we live in.

"Good grief, mom's can be a pain!" -Amanda-age 10- when reminded to put away some things that had been "forgotten" in the play room for two days.

"Big Mama push!"-Amanda (again!) as I gave Austin a push on his bicycle.

Can you hear the hiss of air from my rapidly deflating ego?