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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Homeschool Log 10/27/09

Austin - Melvin's Make a Match
Amanda - Riddlegram - fraction/decimal worksheet

Language Arts
Austin - Skillwise Adjectives
Amanda - Possessive Pronouns - worksheet

Austin and Amanda - Cells come from other cells; The Cell Theory is important to the study of biology: Louis Pasteur, Bacteria and Spontaneous Generation

Austin and Amanda - Chapter 9 A Plot Between Fagin and Monks from Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens (Great Illustrated Classics)

Austin and Amanda - Dance Mat Typing Level 2 Stage 5

Austin and Amanda - 1Kings 5-7, 2Chronicles 2-4

Sign Language
Austin and Amanda - Unit 12 Vocabulary

Social Studies
Austin and Amanda - Jacques Cartier from Explorers Who Got Lost by Diane Sansevere-Dreher

Austin and Amanda -Chapter 15 from Rainbow Valley by L. M. Montgomery

Austin and Amanda - Quilt Block Coloring Pages

Preschool Fun

Letter i coloring page

We enjoyed reading books. Michael's favorite at the moment is "My Very Own Book of Sizes" by Gary Smalley. We've been reading this one several times a day.

Memory - We enjoyed playing animal memory, talking about the animals on the cards and counting the cards when we finished playing the game.

No pictures today because, once again, I have misplaced the camera!

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