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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Homeschool Log Monday 10/12/09

Austin and Amanda came home yesterday from nine day vacation with family. They had a great time but I missed them terribly. Michael missed them too and asked every day if they would be back later. It was so cute and sad at the same time.

All that vacation made it a little hard to get back into the routine today. We got most of our usual things done but a few fell by the wayside. Somehow I couldn't locate the spelling word list or Amanda's art work so spelling and art did not get done today. We began a new science course that I think we are going to enjoy. Amanda finished the book SOS Titanic while on vacation and Austin was also ready for new reading assignments so both kids started reading an adapted version of Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens today.

So with all the new and old and in between here is our school log for today.

Austin - Equivalent Fractions Set 1*
Amanda - Fraction Patterns Worksheet

Austin and Amanda - Chapter 1. A Lonesome Childhood from Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens (Great Illustrated Classics)

Language Arts
Austin - 2Bee or Nottoobee* (Choose the correct verb that completes each sentence)
Amanda - Special Plural Nouns Worksheet

*activities found at Gamequarium

Austin and Amanda - What Is Life Science?; Unifying Principle-All Living Things Share Common Characteristics; Unifying Principle - All Living Things Share Common Needs;

Austin and Amanda - Psalm 103, Psalm 104

Sign Language
Austin and Amanda - Unit 10 vocabulary

Austin and Amanda - Chapters 35 - 38 from Anne of Ingleside by L. M. Montgomery

Austin and Amanda - Dance Mat Typing Level 1 Stage 3

Amanda making scrambled eggs for lunch. Both kids declared their first full day back from vacation pajama day.

Preschool Fun
The letter of the week this week is Gg. Today we started learning new Gg songs and colored a letter Gg template.

We played Memory and practiced counting our cards. We also reviewed the names of lot of animals.

We had fun building with blocks as well as talking about the shapes and colors of the blocks.

We also read lots of books and sang lots of songs.

Monday evening is my evening off, so Austin and Amanda helped Doug with the younger kids. It is so nice of my husband to arrange it so that I get an evening off each week and I'm very grateful for it. It gives me a chance once in a while to think a complete thought without interruption. And it gives the kids a break from me.

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