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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Homeschool Log Thursday 10/22/09

Today was Austin and Amanda's usual day off from school. I watched today to see what types of things they would choose to do with their free time. I was pleased with what I saw.

Austin spent a lot of time working on search word puzzles. To see him conquer his frustration with any kind of written word and enjoy doing these puzzles is a real source of happiness for me. He also went for a long walk. He's been exploring the fields and woods behind us and is gone for an hour or more nearly every day. He spent a lot of time helping with the younger kids, not because I asked him too, but because he wanted too. At one point he got out some puppets and helped the little kids play with them.

Both kids watched "Growing Up - Hyena", a one hour show on Animal Planet and a one hour show on the Biography channel.

Amanda did a lot of reading. She's been reading the book What's For Lunch -Animal Feeding at the Zoo by Sally Tongren. When her friend Holly got off the bus after school they played outside for several hours, riding bikes, and playing with the cat and Amanda's pet rats. Later this evening she went to the grocery store with Doug.

We had a lot of fun today. We sang our Hh songs for this week, and did the Hippo Craft and Hippo Coloring Page. The kids enjoyed playing with puppets with Austin. It was such a beautiful day that we got to play outside for about an hour. We read lots and lots of stories, some more than once. And we built with the wooden blocks.


  1. Its always good to see our kids pursue knowledge on our own. Love those pics!
    Mrs darling

  2. Thank you.That is what excites me about teaching them at home and nurturing that love of learning.