Life is made up of many pieces, like a puzzle. Here I attempt to put them all together.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Menu Monday 10/26 - Friday 10/30

BREAKFAST - Toast, Cheese Slices, Apples, Milk
SNACK - Graham Crackers, Juice
LUNCH - Ham and Cheese Sandwiches, Vegetable Beef Soup, Peaches, Milk
SNACK - Cottage Cheese, Strawberries
DINNER - Eggs, Pancakes, Hash Browns, Blueberries, Milk

BREAKFAST - Grits, Boiled Eggs, Bananas, Milk
SNACK - Toast, Juice
LUNCH - Chicken Sandwiches, Carrot/Celery w/Ranch, Oranges, Milk
SNACK - Yogurt, Bread
DINNER - Sloppy Joe, Buns, Green Beans, Peaches, Milk
SNACK - Cereal, Milk

BREAKFAST - French Toast, Applesauce, Milk
SNACK - Graham Crackers, Juice
LUNCH - Burritos, Salad, Apples, Milk
SNACK - Pineapple, Milk
DINNER - Turkey Cheese Sandwiches, Tater Tots, Oranges, Milk
SNACK - Blueberry Bran Muffins, Milk

BREAKFAST - Breakfast Sandwiches, Applesauce, Milk
SNACK - Toast, Juice
LUNCH - Tuna Cheesy Pasta, Peas and Carrots, Apples, Milk
SNACK - Cinnamon Rolls, Milk
DINNER - Tomato Soup, Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwiches, Strawberries, Milk
SNACK - Bananas, Milk

BREAKFAST - Blueberry Bran Muffins, Turkey Sausage, Applesauce, Milk
SNACK - Graham Crackers, Milk
LUNCH - Hamburger Chow Mein, Green Beans, Milk
SNACK - Donuts, Milk
DINNER - Tacos, Mixed Berries, Milk
SNACK - Breadsticks, Milk

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