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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Daily Adventures at Rose's House Sunday June 6, 2010

My laptop decided to be difficult the last few days and Doug has been working with it trying to get it to work properly again. I'm finally back online again but not sure how long it will last. I just may get a new laptop yet.

We've missed a lot of church lately because of the number of kids we have on Sundays. But we decided that is going to have to change so today we took them all with us. We had ten children (including ours) between the ages of 3 months and 13 years old. It was interesting. 

We were almost ready to go when one of the children decided to meltdown after I discovered he had stolen about ten  pieces of gum from one of the the other kids and then lied about where he got it. After tearing a piece of paper to shreds and throwing it in the floor, knocking over a chair, and punching and biting me,  accompanied by a lot of bizarre laughter and disturbing comments, he finally calmed down. He did lose quite a few privileges though in the process. While all this was going on I was wondering if we had made the wrong decision to try to take him to church this morning. I found myself trying not to laugh during the service when he stood up during the praise time and said he was thankful for friends and family. It's just amazing how fast the moods and behavior can change for him.

The rest of the morning went well with the exception of losing the baby's pacifier (finally found it after church) and lots and lots of spit up from the baby caused by his acid reflux. It seemed a little worse than normal today.

I was so grateful that most of the younger kids settled down and took good naps after lunch. That was a much needed treat and allowed me to recharge my batteries a little.

We spent most of the evening relaxing on the front porch and now the little ones are in bed.

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