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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Daily Adventures at Rose's House Tuesday June 8, 2010

These snack crackers (recipe here) were such a hit last week that we made them again today. Gianni doesn't look too sure of Michael's oil pouring skills but Michael actually did really well.

Snapshots of the day.

When we first got our cat, Scout, he was a very timid cat, afraid of other animals and very of afraid of little kids. He would refuse to be in the same room with them and run and hide if they unexpectedly came near him. Amanda has worked very hard to help him get over this fear, gradually introducing him to the kids and rewarding him with treats when he allowed them to come close. Eventually he would tolerate a little petting and now he will occasionally come in the same room or in the play yard and seems to enjoy the interaction. I think Amanda has done a wonderful job with Scout.

Doug started painting Amanda's room this evening. Since we have agreed to take in a another child if everything works as we hope, plus there are two more who may come stay with us for awhile while their grandmother undergoes some treatments for cancer, we really need to finish the work we started on the upstairs rooms. 

And that is today's peek into our adventures today. More fun tomorrow.

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