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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Daily Adventures at Rose's House

Today has been busy and fun.

It was a hot and humid day and when Doug came home this evening he put in our air conditioners. This is an old house and does not have central air so we use window units. He put three in downstairs and one upstairs. We may get a few more if this turns out to be a hot summer. Last summer was very cool and we really didn't need them.

This coloring activity is such a hit with this group of kids. Having the entire table covered with paper and being free to create as small or large a work of art as they want is so much fun.

We had a lot of fun playing with the number puzzles and practicing counting to 10.

And chased an ant.

Both this morning and this evening we played animal match with some of the cards from the Memory game. I hold one set of cards in my hand with a matching set laid out on the floor in front of me. Then one by one I show the kids a card and ask them to find the match, or the one that is the same. They also enjoyed just looking at and talking about the cards.

There was an impromptu game of Ring Around the Roses that made us all laugh.

And fun on the computer.

Austin and Gabe were playing with dice and drew a crowd of observers.

Kaleb enjoying some snuggles. He also loves this swing that Austin put together for him.

The kids colored in their Mommy Bird books. It's a really cute little printable book that I found here and Amanda helped me put together.

And a little building to finish off our day.

More fun coming up tomorrow.

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