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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Adventures at Rose's House

Well, I didn't oversleep this morning, but neither did I sleep very well last night. One of our kids who isn't usually here at night had to stay over and had a restless night. She was sleeping on the couch and fell off several times during the night which is very unusual for her. And each time she rolled off I had to go help her back up and make sure she was okay. I don't think we'll try that again. At least not that couch. We have another one that is wider that she has slept on before with no trouble.

Since we have a teeny tiny baby in the house again four to six days a week we've needed another baby swing. Our last two babies, eighteen months ago, wore out our old swing so Doug bought a new one today and had Austin assemble it. He did a great job and now it's ready for Kaleb to try out tomorrow.

Hunter had so much fun catching and watching an ant this morning and I had almost as much fun watching.

Poor Liam came home from school today with piles of homework that has to be finished by the end of the week because he is going with his family to Florida the last week of school. He took it with good humor though and I know when he gets to Florida he'll know it was worth it. Michael thinks it looks like fun.

Austin and Tristan filling plates for dinner. On the menu this evening was BBQ chicken drumsticks (in the slow cooker all day, making the whole house smell wonderful), cheddar bacon potatoes, peaches, butter bread and milk.

I"m not exactly sure why Amanda wanted to do this but she climbed in the high chair and yelled for me to take her picture.

Doug was amusing himself watching Cayson try to ride in the dump truck. It just wasn't working to well.

I guess it's the little things that keep us going.

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