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Monday, May 24, 2010

Adventures at Rose's House

I started this Monday morning by oversleeping. I was looking forward to an early start but instead had to jump up to meet people at the door who were dropping off their kids. Oops! I guess I'll try again tomorrow.

Just like last week this week is starting out rainy. So we spent the morning playing on the front porch. While I watched them play I worked on cutting pictures from magazines for some of our upcoming themes. Austin and Amanda each took a turn helping with the kids this morning so I was able to get quite a bit cut out.

We enjoyed the Learning Journey - Match It Counting puzzles again today.

Our daycare theme this week is Aa is for Ant. The kids seemed to enjoy our ant activity today. I had printed some pictures of ants didn't like how small they were and how much blank paper was left. Then I realized I could cut some "anthills" our of foam and have the kids glue them to the paper under the ant. Then they added nature stickers and colored the ant. Simple and fun.

This is the second week of Mona, my helper, coming every day and I'm loving it as much this week as I did last week. She's here about five hours a day. She cooks and serves lunch, does some cleaning - mainly in the kitchen-, and has dinner ready and staying warm before she leaves. So awesome!

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