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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Adventures at Rose's House - Wednesday May 26, 2010

Michael had one of those days of tears and tantrums that nearly had me in tears today. I took this picture to show him and make him laugh. It worked - for about two minutes.

Thankfully Doug was off work today so he took him along on some errands. To the landfill, the grocery store, the hardware store. And then to the children's program at church this evening. Michael is always happy to be on the go with Daddy.

It didn't rain today! But the grass was still really really wet so played on the front porch this morning.

Building with blocks was a popular pastime.

I love this series of pictures where Hunter, Lauren and Dynasty are building a tower. The expressions on their faces are priceless, especially when it falls over. 

This toy kept Landon's attention for most of the morning. Some of the buttons he had trouble with so we had a chance to work on some motor skills. And lots and lots of speech work while we talked about the characters and what they were doing - hiding, in, out, where did they go?, etc.

Destiny, Dynasty and Kaleb having a little chat.

Amanda helped the kids with their craft today.

We also played with our number puzzles again.

By this afternoon it had dried off enough that we could play in the backyard.

We bought a baby carrier so that I can work and carry the baby around when he needs to held. It worked well and he liked it. And I liked having my hands free to be able to attend to the other kids.

And those are are adventures for today. More fun on the way tomorrow!

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