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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Childcare Photo Journal Tuesday May 18, 2010

We started off our morning (after breakfast of course) by playing a game Memory. We practiced taking turns, talked about same and different. We also practiced identifying Tiger, Kangaroo, Eagle, Alligator, Camel, Parrot, and Leopard. But mostly we just had fun.

Some of the kids also enjoyed coloring in their theme books. Each week I make a theme book that we use at circle time twice a day. I also make each child the same theme book (although theirs  is black and white and mine is in color) and they are allowed to color in them during free time if they want too. At the end of the week they take these books home.

Every morning we have to laugh at the great bag race. It goes like this. Our laundry room is upstairs. So every morning Amanda collects any laundry that is in the downstairs bathroom ( towels, washcloths, etc.)  puts them in a trash bag and takes them up to the laundry room. Then she drops the empty bag over the banister and races it to the bottom of the stairs. No matter what else is going on this always makes me laugh. Today Amanda won. Sometimes the bag wins and gets yelled at and accused of cheating.

This morning I moved Amanda's pet rats, Micki and Amber, from the office where they were pretty much isolated and the children couldn't watch them well, to the hallway where they can hear and see the kids and the kids can watch them. They are up high enough that little fingers are safe from accidental nips but the kids can enjoy watching them climb and play.

Michael, Lauren and I enjoyed reading and talking about this little board book called My Clothes. We read the names of all the clothing and talked about the colors, when we wear certain types of clothes -hats and gloves when it's cold and shorts when it's warm - and then checked to see what clothes we were wearing and what colors they were. 

We also read Noah's Ark and talked about the different animals. This is a lift the flap book so it was fun to look behind the flaps and see what kinds of animals were there.

It was Landon's turn to choose the book at story time today and he Jack and Jill, which is a board book. We also read the Bible story about Joshua, reviewed our theme book and sang the Jesus Loves You song. We sing this song every day at circle time going around the circle and putting each child's name  into it. The children love it.

It was rainy and cool all day today so we had fun playing inside. Housekeeping is a big favorite right now. Destiny loves to pretend to cook meals and serve them to the other kids.

Lauren and Mateah take very good care of their babies.

The Little People playset is also a big favorite. Lauren, Landon and Micheal like the castle.

Hunter enjoys the cars and trucks.

A not so happy moment.

Between eating and sleeping Kaleb watches us all.

We colored our letter Zz pictures.

And enjoyed looking at books.

Amanda hanging out with the kids.

Austin getting plates ready for dinner.

And I'll leave you with a piece of advice I actually heard myself give to a child at snack time.

"Do NOT clean your nose with your goldfish!"

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