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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Childcare Photo Journal Wednesday May 19, 2010

Michael, Hunter, and Destiny working in their theme books.

Hunter built a vacuum cleaner out of Legos and spent a lot of time "vacuuming" and repairing the vacuum cleaner when it fell apart.

We had fun with the number puzzles, matching the correct number to the number of items on the picture puzzle.

Michael wanted me to sing Mary Had a Little Lamb and when I did Hunter and Lauren started dancing.

The kids were so excited to get back outside and play after two days of being inside because of rain.

The outdoor art center was popular. We have crayons, colored pencils and chalk in the box at the moment. Chalk is a big favorite.

We've traded the beans in the sensory table for rice, and the kids are loving it. 

Even though we did get to go outside and play, the rain still returned a couple times and chased us back inside.

Enjoying a snack of Blueberry Muffin Squares that Mona (my helper) made for us.

Landon is learning the joy of putting puzzles together, instead of dumping them over his head. It's so much fun to watch him learn.

Khristian and Lauren taking good care of the babies.

Coloring the letter Zz pictures.

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