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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

No Sleep!

11:00PM - Go to bed

11:05PM - Remember that I forgot to set up baby monitor, go downstairs and set it up.

11:20PM - Just falling asleep, two police cars go flying by with lights flashing and sirens wailing. I wake up.

11:33PM - Just dozing off, third police car goes by with lights flashing and sirens wailing. I wake up again and toss and turn. I wonder why the business across the street has to have a light flashing in their window all night long. It's shining in my eyes!

12:05AM - I hear over monitor that a parent is picking up her child.

2:10AM - I hear the second parent picking up her child.

4:00AM - I hear the coffee maker come on. This doesn't usually wake me, I don't know why it did this time!

4:45AM - Doug gets up to get ready for work.

5:15AM - My alarm goes off. I reset it for 30 minutes.

5:45AM - Ok, Ok, I'm up.

6:00AM - The first two daycare kids come in. One goes back to sleep but the other one is wide awake. This day has definitely started.

I'm so glad tomorrow is a holiday!

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