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Sunday, August 8, 2010

From Twitter 08-07-2010

  • it`s a few minutes after midnight and Michael is awake and crying because he wants to go downstairs and play.
  • Doug found some good deals on baby items at a yard sale this morning.

  • He got a nice high chair with a feeding tray that attaches to the regular tray. It`s also on wheels and has a basket underneath for storage.
  • He also bought a pack and play that has a mobile, a changing "table" and space for storage. it also has a protective cover.
  • I like the cover because we provide care for an autistic 2 year old who throws things and I`m always afraid he will hit the baby.
  • Ok, drank my coffee. Now I`m going to go scrape wallpaper off some walls so we can paint.
  • Almost fell off the ladder a minute ago. Decided it`s time to take a little break.
  • There are so many layers on these walls. Flowered wallpaper, white paint, blue paint, plaid wallpaper, tan wallpaper, tan paint.
  • Austin and Aaron finally got up. Austin stayed up until 4AM and Aaron till 6AM.
  • Thew were playing games on the playstation and watching DVDs on Austin`s laptop.
  • Darn! Michael turned the refrigerater off again. At leasr it ia the extra one and there wasn`t much in it.
  • Just placed an order with Amazon for some homeschool supplies. Getting excited about starting the new school year.

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  1. Wow ! wall paper, that's tough work. it sounds like you and your husband really work as a team. that's the way marriage should be. with the children and a daycare that's alot of work. you need some time out at times. Rose

  2. I am fortunate that my husband and I are able to work well as a team. As for time out, hmmm, I'm not sure what that is. :-)