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Thursday, August 5, 2010

From Twitter 08-04-2010

  • Wow! It really rained last night! Sun shining now though.
  • We have another new child starting today :-)
  • So many kids! So much drama!
  • Still slogging through paperwork.
  • A grandmother who is fighting cancer and has custody of her grandson . . .
  • , . .went social services yesterday to see about getting assistance with childcare expenses. Social worker said . . .
  • . . . "You know how expensive it is to raise a child so why did you take him in if you don`t have enough money"
  • So what was the grandmother supposed to do? Have him placed in foster care?
  • . @heathrbabes It`s so easy for people in the posotion of making decisions about others lives that . .
  • . @heathrbabes . . . just because they are in a position of "power" now doesn`t mean they always will be.
  • National Weather Service just upgraded the severe thunderstorm watch for this area to a warning.
  • And the storm arrives.
  • That was a disappointing storm!

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  1. if this grandmother can take care of this child it's better than to go into foster care. i was a foster care worker .it's alot of trauma leaving family. it probable would be less expensive to keep a child out of foster care. . we have dry, now we have wet days. we need more wet days. Rose