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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

From Twitter 08-03-2010

It's amazing how knowing I set an alarm right outside Michael's door to go off 5 minutes after mine does makes me jump up and run . . . . .
. . . upstairs to shut it off. And by the time I do that I'm wide awake. Ensures that I get up on time in the morning. :-)
Michael's awake and crying. Guess I'll go sit with him until he goes back to sleep. It's too early for him to be up for the day.
I'm not sure why this cat is so hyper this morning but running laps under Michael's bed is not helping him go back to sleep!
Okay, Michael finally went back to sleep and now I'm enjoying a cup of coffee with hubby. :-)
Salad for breakfast - lettuce, tomato, cheese, bacon bits, ranch dressing. Yummy!
It is :-) How are you this morning?
It is :-) How are you this morning? @asperger2mom
Yay for relaxing. I`m taking my first vacation in two years the end of the month. Cant wait!
Wow! @Yelrose Sounds like you have a busy one coming up!
Slogging through paperwork. Due to changed childcare regulations all our policies have to be uodated and signed by each parent.
We also have to update the Emergency Preparedness plan and have each parent sign a copy.
I really wish Michael would stop fighting sleep and take his nap!
Two of these kids would rather argue over placement of craft box than simply move over a little to be able to reach it comfortably.
My kids have quite the social life. Austin spent the evening with a friend, Amanda has two friends over, even Michael is spending the night
. . . a good friend who's grandson was staying over and needed someone to play with. Where's my social life?
I guess it's here on twitter. :-)
RT @DevelopDiscover: Clones are people two.
Breaking News! . . . . The kids are arguing over the TV!. . . . Oh, . . wait. . . That's nothing new. . . . Carry on everybody.
Who wants scrambled eggs and sweet tea at 10:30 PM? My kids that's who. At least they can make their own.

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  1. i want you to know that I went out and bought some salad dressing after your tweet. :)

  2. i eat whatever i want at anytime. just to have food in my stomah. Rose