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Monday, August 16, 2010

From Twitter 08-15-2010

  • Coffee's ready :-)
  • On the way home from church. Had to leave early after Austin suddenly passed out and fell in the floor.
  • It was hot and stuffy and his mouth was hurting from where his tooth was pulled last week.
  • And he didn`t eat before we left either.
  • . @jsloan1223 @Karenof4 @allconsoffun Now that he's cooled off and gotten some food in him he seems fine. Second time this has happened.
  • RT @autismfather: I feel that women should stop having kids at 35. Cause let's face it, 35 kids is just too much!
  • RT @BarbaraDuke: •Time is Gods way of keeping everything from happening at once. Unknown #TL2U
  • You Are The One Who Can Make A Difference - (via @Nicholas_Cardot)
  • My kids are totally caught up in WebKinz. They each bought 2 yesterday and have busy on the website ever since.
  • Just had a sudden moment of realizing how very blessed I really am.

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