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Saturday, August 7, 2010

From Twitter 08-06-2010

  • I'm getting ready for a new homeschool year. Ordering books from Amazon. This is fun.
  • . @Yelrose I love shopping online but do NOT like having to go into the stores.
  • Michael is throwing a huge temper tantrum because he can`t go with Daddy and Austin to the dentist.
  • He doesnt realize how little fun this is going to be. Austin is having a molar cut out today. :-(
  • Austin`s back from having one of his molars removed. it was easier than expected. No stitches.
  • He`s still pretty out of it from the aesthesia though.
  • RT @Sarah_jbd: There really is nothing worse than black jelly beans.
  • Watching hubby run around the yard with the kids. Not sure who`s laughing hardest - me or them.
  • I am so amazed at how fast Austin has bounced back after his oral surgery this morning. Have to keep telling him to slow down!
  • RT @grnladybug: I'm officially an author! *squeeeee* #poetry #mybook #alaurilee
  • . @Area51josh I'm just wishing this child that isn't leaving until between 2 and 3 AM would GO TO SLEEP so that I can too.

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  1. Boy! do I hate to go to the dentist. Glad to hear that Austin is doing ok. Best in all the work you have to do to prepare for the school year. Rose