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Friday, August 13, 2010

From Twitter 08-12-2010

  • I guess this is going to be day four of my helper not coming in. :-(
  • Weather forecast says today will be another hot one with thunderstorms this afternoon. Looks like another inside day for us.
  • Watching landlord load his truck up with paint cans. Wish I could believe he was coming here to paint.
  • I ate way too much junk food yesterday. Today I'm eating heatlhy. Beginning right after I finish this bowl of Lucky Charms. ;-)
  • I am seriously considering starting a blog called The Adventures and Misdeeds of Michael. lol
  • RT @foldinglaundry: Sibling love: Anna (7yo) singing to Eli (4mos) "you're the #1 tooter but I still love you."
  • One of Michael`s favorite activities right now is cutting paper and string.
  • I let him do it in the afternoons at nap time (since he refuses to nap) as his special quiet activity.

  • I wonder why the cat is so hyper tonight. He`s running around the house like a wild thing!

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  1. sorry that the situation without your helper continues. Boy! my house could stand to be painted inside. Why don't we kidnap the man , he has to paint or forever live in a closet. I, know that's rough, just kidding. Rose