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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

From Twitter 08-16-2010

  • Good morning everyone. Finally getting a minute to check in. It`s Monday.
  • Outside with the kiddos. It`s hot out here but Michael insists on wearing a long sleeved shirt. Silly kid.
  • I`m so happy my helper is back! After last week this week looks easy.
  • I'm feeling a little silly right now. D lost his binky and we looked and looked and looked for it - inside, outside, in kids pockets . . . .
  • . . . .everywhere we could think of. Doug finally went to the store to buy more pacifiers. He came home, showed me what he bought, and . . .
  • . . . while we were talking I reached in my pocket for something else and found . . .you guessed it . . D's binky. I stood myself in . . . .
  • . . . . the corner for that one.
  • Of course hubby had to say it reminded him of the time I said the dryer wasn't working so he went and bought a new one and then . . . .
  • . . . . discovered I had the dryer settings set on "fluff" instead of dry.
  • l'll never live that one down.
  • RT @LeadToday: RT @czaucha: RT @MAltaee: A year from now you will wish you had started today. ~ Karen Lamb

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