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Sunday, August 29, 2010


Although I've written a little about each of us in the About Us page I thought I'd like to write a little more in depth about each family member. So I will be writing about one family member each Sunday for the next few Sundays.

I thought I would start with my dear husband.

Doug is one of the most gentle, calm men I know. He is very patient with the kids, and with me. I'm not always easy to live with.

Doug has worked as a machinest at McKee Foods for 17 years and enjoys his work there. He has an analytical way of thinking and is very mathematically inclined so is a natural at this job.

Doug is also an EMT and volunteers at our local rescue squad one evening a week as well as runs calls if needed throughout the week. His first aid and medical knowledge has been a wonderful asset here with the kids many times.

On Wednesday evenings during the school year he can be found at church, helping with the children and youth program. He is the fill in person there, helping out wherever needed.

Here at home he helps with the kids, does a lot of the paperwork for the business, takes care of all our finances, keeps all our laptops up and running, does the yardwork and the vehicle maintenance, and spends time with the family. He enjoys the Syfy channel when he has some spare time.

He makes me laugh, makes me think and makes me feel safe. I love you Dear.

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