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Sunday, August 15, 2010

From Twitter 08-14-2010

  • Good morning. I`m enjoying my 1st cup of coffee. Hubby made it and it's very strong!
  • Wonder if he's thinking I'm going to need some extra caffeine today.
  • Making a list and checking it twice - grocery list that is.
  • I guess the water for the pasta would boil faster if I actually turned the burner ON. Oops!
  • I found something that I can sit in a roomful of kids and eat witout them all begging for a bite. Spinach.
  • One by one they walk by, take a look and walk away.
  • Wow, it's quiet. Four little ones napping, Doug, Michael and Austin went grocery shopping. Just leaves Amanda & me. :-)
  • I guess I better clean up the kitchen and start dinner while I can.
  • Dishwasher emptied and reloaded, dinner in the oven, laundry switched and two loads folded and put away, fresh pot of coffee brewed.
  • And the kiddos start waking up. I'm surpised they slept so long. Making up for yesterday non-nap I guess.
  • Michael just seasoned the green beans with taco seasoning. Wasn't what I had in mind but it wasn't too bad.

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  1. for the record. No, No, No, i won't spring clean your home. i had to put on hold almost 2 days as something came up with friends . have more work and i won't do this for years. husbands can make good coffee. hope it stays a quiet Sunday for you. take care. rose