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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Busy Kids

The kids stayed busy today, doing a lot of fun things.

Austin brought out the hand puppets and played with L. and Gianni for awhile.

Amanda brought out the balloons and they had a blast with them too. It looks like a party.

L. enjoyed watching Austin play games on his gameboy.

Amanda did a cool project with the kids using the letters of their names. First she made large versions of the letters in each child's name and had them color them.

Then she cut them out. I think here she's trying to tell me "Enough pictures already!"

Then she had each child glue the letters of their name onto sheets of construction paper.

She then used the completed papers to create a wall display in our playroom.

Austin made the macaroni and cheese for lunch.

Austin and Gianni made up a game involving words written on index cards. I never did quite figure out the rules of the game but they stayed busy creating and playing this game for about two hours.

And right about now, this is looking to me like a really good idea. Actually Doug was very kind to me this evening and watched the kids for about an hour so I could go take a nap. Bliss!

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    Happy Holidays! Enjoy your sweet family.