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Friday, November 27, 2009

Bread of Life, Playing with Tools, Dinosaurs and Playdough

I made some whole wheat bread dough to put in the freezer for later use. Or rather, I started making it and Amanda took over. She loves to cook and bake and is becoming quite the young chef. I even slipped in a lesson (just a little one) on fractions. And yes, she's still in her PJs. She loves her cat pajamas.

I froze the dough in balls to use later to make homemade hot pockets.

This recipe is called Bread of Life and is found here.

I also made a pineapple cake. And it's quickly disappearing. I think I have a house full of eating machines today.

Doug and Michael tackled some repairs today in our downstairs bathroom. I think they really just wanted an excuse to play with the tools.

And a whole herd of dinosaurs invaded our playroom!

Michael and Hunter were both very wound up this evening, running up and down the hall, throwing toys, climbing everything in sight. So I got out the play dough. They only played for about 15 minutes but they had fun. And by the time they got tired of playing with the play dough it was close enough to bed time to go ahead get them ready.

I found some links to some sites with fun playdough activities that I thought I would share: Scholastic - Playing With Playdough and Playdough Letters.

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