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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Learning with Books - Books we Enjoyed This Week 4/18 - 4/24

Delilah's Delightful Dream
Two very interesting items for conversation were Delilah's blue shoes and pink lampshade hat. For some reason the kids found these very fascinating. Some concepts addressed in this book were cleaning up our surrounding to make them nice for everyone, and asking for help from others in a kind instead of demanding way.

Elmo's Alphabet
This book is always a favorite.

Diego's Wolf Pup Rescue
Counting the wolf pups and naming the animals in the book are always fun.We enjoyed learning facts about Maned Wolves and also about rescuing animals.

When Mommy and Daddy Go to Work
Naming all the people in the book is always a big part of the fun when we read this story. There's Carly, the main character, Oatis, her stuffed horse, Mommy and Daddy. Then there's Miss Terri and Mr. Ken. And each of the other children in the story have to be talked about as well. This is a fun book and one the kids here often enjoy.

Arthur's Reading Race
We talked about the pictures and I pointed out the words that D.W. read as we read this book. Michael was excited about the ice cream and we discussed the different kinds of ice cream - strawberry and chocolate. Finding Pal, the puppy, in each picture provided added interest.

Oh, The Thinks You Can Think
We love this Dr. Seuss book that stretches our imaginations and our brains as we look at common objects and scenes in different ways as well as some fun made up objects and characters. The gloves and snuvs, the swimming pool floating in the air, the three moons in the sky, and the stairs in the night are big favorites with this group of children. We also use the strangely colored illustrations to talk about colors, the colors in the book and the colors we see every day.

Toy Story 2
As we read the names of various characters in this story we had to stop and find each one in the picture. And if it wasn't on that page then we went on a search through the book until we found one.

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