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Monday, April 12, 2010

Scheduling for Success

I changed all our schedules around over the weekend and today was our trial run. Things actually ran very smoothly and I feet much less stressed  now at the end of today.

The main thing I did was look at the "pressure points" of the day, the times when things become really hectic and overwhelming - at least for me. I redid the schedules for Austin and Amanda so that their free time would correspond with less busy times of the day and they are on duty to help with some of the crazy times. For instance, dinner time was hard for me because I was trying to keep and eye on the little kids while finishing dinner and filling plates. So  now Amanda watches the younger kids. Austin fills plates and cups.And I help between the two as needed and help the younger kids with wash up before dinner. Things were so much smoother and relaxing this evening. That change is definitely a keeper

Austin asked me today why I'm always changing the schedule around. And I guess I do tweak it quite a bit. I explained to him that people and circumstances do not always stay the same and that I am always looking for ways to make things work better for everyone.As I learn more or see something change and need to be addressed I change things to work better. He was satisfied with that explanation and seemed to like the changes.

This new way of doing things allows things to flow better while providing the older kids with the chance to do some things they've been asking to do. I took into account their needs and wants as well when I made the changes. Austin has been asking to do more cooking and I definitely have him scheduled for more of it. Amanda is learning how to do some of daily logs and paperwork which she will enjoy when she gets the hang of it.

Life is a journey and I find if I try to stay in the same rut all the time I don't get very far on that journey.Sometimes I need to force myself to take a good look at where and how I'm traveling and make sure I'm still on the best route. If I'm not than I need to make the appropriate changes. I'm hoping to teach my children this as well.

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