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Monday, April 5, 2010

Childcare Photo Journal Monday April 5, 2010

The kids loved that it was warm enough for water play today.

It wouldn't be a normal day without a playing ball at least a little.

Enjoying a mid-morning snack of apple slices and milk.

Amanda brought out her pet rats, Micky and Amber, for some fresh air and a little company.

We had a picnic lunch.

 Enjoying a book in the sunshine.
 Taking an evening stroll.

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  1. Third attempt at a comment! My laptop is acting up.

    That water table looks like a riot, I am thinking I should get one for my children! I am sure it would be well used.

    I love how you run your dayhome, I am truly impressed. WOW! Major applause coming your way from me. (can you hear me I am clapping quite loud?!) (:

    May I ask what kind of tree those are in the second and third last image? I am swooning here and what an amazing backdrop for some images would those be? LOVE!!

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog.