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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Book Review

The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch was given to me to read by a good friend, and I found it to be a very thought provoking book.

It's a small book with only seven chapters but it packs a punch.

When Randy Pausch, husband and father of three young children was diagnosed with terminal cancer he wanted a way to leave a legacy for his children. He wanted to be able to teach them all the things he would have taught them if he would have been there for them as they grew up.

As I read this book I sometimes found myself laughing and at other times I was wiping away tears. Most of the time his words made me do some hard thinking about how I want to live. Because that's what this book is about - living. The fact that Randy Pausch was dying made him take a good hard look at living and all that goes into a successful life - dreaming, working, learning, laughing, loving. All the things he wanted his children to know about living.

There is also a website called The Last Lecture This website has links to Randy Pausch's actual last lecture that was the inspiration for this book as well as links to projects he worked on and a link to his blog.

I hope you find this book and this site as inspirational as I did.

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