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Monday, August 24, 2009

Quiet Monday

It's been a very smooth and pleasant Monday. Most of the day was very quiet.

Two school age children came this morning before school, two one babies during the day, both one year old, and one child off the bus this afternoon. Monday evening is my evening off. My dear husband takes over for me so that I can have a few hours of peace and quiet. I thought this evening we would only have Austin, Amanda, and Michael here but around four this afternoon two families asked if we could take their children for the evening. I asked Doug about it (after all he was going to have the fun of supervising) and he said it would be ok. So, his evening is not quite as quiet as he was expecting. But he'll do fine. The kids love him and he enjoys them.

Our homeschool day went well. Austin and Amanda both seemed to enjoy their work and we had no major difficulties with any of it. We worked on math (fractions), reading, Bible (King David), history (Christopher Columbus), literature (we're reading Ann's House of Dreams, which is book 5 of the Anne of Green Gables series by L.M. Montgomery), science (animal classification), and sign language.

Last week was a little rough for us as we adjusted to new schedules and expectations, although we also enjoyed it and it went fairly well. Austin said today that it's much easier now that he knows the routine and what to expect. Routines are so important to him and I'm glad to see him settling so well into this one.

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