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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rain! Rain!

It was a rainy day. Again!

But we had fun anyway. This morning I got out the games and we spent quite a lot of time playing. We started off with Memory. I think Memory is THE favorite game around here.

Michael wanted to play too but he got really frustrated when he had to wait his turn and did a face plant into the cards. Eventually though he seemed to get the idea and did pretty well.

We also played Alphabet Bingo and UNO . . .

. . . played with puppets . . .

. . .did sticker and coloring activities . . .

. . . and played with cars.

And after a good lunch . . .

and afternoon quiet time, the sun came out and we got to play outside.

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  1. Send the rain this way! I haven't seen rain since we came here... well a drizzle or two, but not much to make me scamper under the trees =)...

    Indoor games are one of our family's fave past time.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.