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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday Outing

We only had Michael with us today. Austin and Amanda went to spend the day with extended family and there were no daycare kids today so we decided to go visit Doug's parents. They live about 85 miles south of us.

We left around 9:00 this morning and stopped about halfway for breakfast. It's Saturday, we wanted to sleep late and make a day trip, so we didn't make breakfast before we left. We had the breakfast buffet at Country Cookin'. Yummy!

Michael did really well on the way down, although he did get a little bored and try to take his car seat apart.

We had a good visit and stayed for dinner, which was largely from Doug's brother's garden - corn on the cob, tomatoes, cucumbers, along with chicken. Oh, and zucchini bread made from zucchini from the garden as well.

Michael loved all the good food!

He also enjoyed playing outside . . .

. . . and riding on the 4-wheeler with Daddy.

And now it's time to go put a very tired and cranky little boy to bed. All this fun wore him out.

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