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Friday, August 21, 2009

Our First Week of Homeschool (This Year)

We've enjoyed our first week of homeschool. There was a little adjusting of the original schedule but for the most part we kept it as planned. Except for today - We took today off. There were fewer kids here for childcare today and it just had the feel of a vacation day so we took advantage of it.

Here are a few pictures of our week.

Austin is doing most of his math and reading lessons on line.

Amanda doing her reading with her pet rats, Micki and Amber, in their cage at her feet.

Scout dreaming of lunch. Having a cat and pet rats in the same house can be interesting!

One of their favorite activities was to take the camera and go for a nature walk. I enjoyed seeing the pictures they came back with. Here are three of them.

And while not exactly school, I had to include these pictures of Michael.

This is what happens when he finds my black permanent marker!

And here he's getting a haircut.

He did such a good job holding still and letting Daddy cut his hair!

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