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Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Rat and a Hermit Crab

Amanda has been asking for several weeks now to go to the pet shop and with everything going on the last few weekends we just haven't made it. Well, yesterday we finally got there. And we came home with two new pets.

I was pretty sure I knew what Amanda would get as she's had these before and loved them. And sure enough after looking around awhile she chose a young pet rat. Here are some pictures of Amanda introducing Micki to Michael.

Micki and Michael weren't too sure they liked each other.

I was a little surprised at Austin's choice of a pet but he's really enjoying it and I have to say it is turning out to be a more interesting pet than I thought it would be. I always imagined hermit crabs always hiding in their shells but this one has been quite active, even when being held. Here's Austin holding Razor, the hermit crab.

Both kids used their own money they earned to buy their pets and the needed supplies.I'm sure we will have many adventures to share with everyone with the new members of the family.

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