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Thursday, August 6, 2009

How We're Enjoying a Rainy Day

I'm truly amazed at how long the kids can entertain themselves with fuse beads. We've been making fun designs with these off and on for several years and they don't seem to get tired of it. It's interesting to see the different designs each child makes and the effort and time they are willing to put into it.

And then there was a "wedding." I'm not even going to try to explain all these pictures because I didn't understand half of it. But they sure were having fun!

Balloons provided an energy outlet without danger of the kids knocking something down, breaking a window or hurting each other.

And snuggling together in a chair to play a few video games is always fun too.

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  1. Clever kiddies! I just love when i see kids able to entertain themselves with their imaginations :)