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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bits and Pieces From Our Day

What I thought was going to be a very quiet morning made a sudden change when I found myself taking care of three kids aged 2, 17 months and 14 months that I hadn't planned on. When a friend of mine asked me if I could watch her 14 month old while she ran to the store I said yes, thinking it would take 30 minutes at the most. It turned out to be two hours. Then the 2 year old and 17 month old showed up. I knew they were scheduled to come one morning this week but I was sure it was Thursday morning, not today. So for about two hours I found myself with these three unexpected kiddos besides the 11 month old and the 14 month old I already had scheduled for today. Plus Michael, my three year old. But it turned out okay. We played and had fun.And Austin and Amanda both helped a lot.

Somehow, playing and eating seemed to be what this day consisted of. Along with many, many diaper changes.

Austin has become a child of woods and field lately (which I love). As soon as his schoolwork and chores are done he's out of the house. Sometimes he packs a backpack with snacks and drinks. Most times he takes his camera. Sometimes he walks and sometimes he rides his bike. Frequently he comes back with treasures. Here is a picture of some of today's treasures.

And to finish off our day we made a trip to the library.

It's been another good day at Rose's House.

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